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FAQ. Frequently asked questions about deodorant series FLUIDES

● It is harmless to health deodorants FLUIDES?

    Deodorants Fluides health benefits as clean the pores of the skin, improving the body's temperature regulation and promoting self-cleaning. Contraindications were not identified.

● Could it be an allergy when using deodorant?

   Yes, it could, but only if applied in less than 24 hours after shaving armpits. In this region (as well as on the neck in men and everyone in the bikini area) hair follicles are located close the surface of the skin. Therefore, after cutting with a razor cut and sometimes onion, opening a direct path into the subcutaneous layer. And if a person has an infection (and if there is an unpleasant odor, so there is an infection), the liquid deodorant immediately affects a large amount of infection under the skin. This causes the infection to reach the surface of the skin, causing it to irritation.
When the infection goes away slowly, no irritation does not happen. That is why, do not use deodorant for 24 hours after shaving the treated area.

   For people with poor health, having skin problems, increased allergy, we have a deodorant Delicate, which is produced by special technology to besspirtovoy basis and almost odorless. Feature of the technology is that in addition used anti-inflammatory and anti-plant, and the liquid is subjected to a thorough post-treatment in a centrifuge. The alcohol content is decreased to zero.

● What is the medical action FLUIDES deodorant on the skin?

   Deodorant formulations FLUIDES, deeply penetrating into the pores of the skin, gently cleanse and disinfect the clogged pores and axillary lymph nodes.

● Can I take a shower in the gap between use of deodorants FLUIDES? It is not washed off?

   Action deodorants to clean since there are about 2 hours. The liquid penetrates deep into the pores of the skin, cleans and disinfects them. Then you can re-take a shower, go to the bath, sauna, swimming pool, etc. 

● Why deodorants FLUIDES better use in the evening?

   In hot weather, when a person is sweating heavily, causing the skin liquid penetrating into the pores, meets the flow of sweat coming out of the body through the same pores. This reduces the effect of a deodorant, because liquid does not penetrate deep into the pores. Therefore, we recommend that you use deodorant only in the evening hours, when the reduced sweating.
Applying deodorant for sweaty and unwashed skin dramatically reduces the effect of deodorants and does not guarantee the amount of 3-8 days.

● I use deodorant FLUIDES recently and I know that excessive sweating will be increased gradually. But in important meetings I want now to be sure that under the arms will not be wet spots. What do I do?

   In this case, use the conventional chemical antiperspirant, which will close the skin with a thin layer and block the sweat. On this day, your clothes will be left without unwanted spots. But on the evening of the same day after a shower is necessary to process the underarm deodorant FLUIDES: it clears the pores of aluminum salts, your skin will stay healthy, and at the meeting you will be confident.

● Can I use deodorant every day?

   It is absolutely not necessary. Use deodorant only if you smell of sweat again. Women usually the gap between the program separate lasts 4-10 days, males 3-8 days.

● Why is it better to use a spray, but not roll-on deodorant?

   Ball mechanism applying a substance to the skin involves mixing a liquid with particles of skin, hair, and infection. To increase the safety of deodorants or antiperspirants in their composition to add a lot of preservatives. Thanks to spray this does not happen, and the compounds retain their properties and strength.

● What determines the frequency of use deodorant?

   Frequency of deodorant depends on gender, health status, activity and life of the valves. Then lower the percentage of synthetic materials, then more days between treatments. 

● Can I use a deodorant foot in the armpit?

   No, you can not. When you use a deodorant for feet under the armpits may irritation.

● Can the appear "wet puddles" in the underarm deodorant immediately after application?

Deodorant is water-based, quickly absorbed and does not leave marks on clothing. After 2-3 minutes of treatment axillary region will be dry and clean.

● At what age can use deodorant series FLUIDES?

   Once a person has a problem with the smell of sweat, we recommend that you start using our deodorant. Typically, there is a smell of sweat with the beginning of intensive gormonalngo human development, ie 10-12 years.

● Is there a smell of deodorant?

   Deodorants Fluides have a pleasant scent that disappears after a few minutes. 

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