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Free air ions - dead

    A person breathes air, and though the air is light, but on the day turns around 15-20 kg, and is much more 2-4 kg of food and liquids derived by man. And it is at rest!
And during exercise or stress is the number increases by 1.5-2 times.
     As a rule, most people spend a huge part of life in space: office, shop, apartment, house. It would seem that being in the room, a man isolated from polluted air "outside world". In fact - it's only hope, as the enclosed space like a tin can. If you are indoors, protected from entry of hazardous substances from the outside, a man without knowing it, is itself a pollutant.

     From school, we know that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, resulting in decreased concentration of the first and the second - is increasing. also, if the use of gas stoves for cooking, burn oxygen, which is in the air kitchen.
    In addition, a huge selection of chemical pollutants produce materials and interior decoration interior space (furniture, plastic and paint materials and derivatives, etc.) made of low-quality raw materials that presently are not uncommon.
   In the rooms the air is not just toxic - it is dead. What does this mean? Live air contains negative ions - it is the donor molecule with a free electron in the reserve.

   Such air is found in the mountains, the sea, near waterfalls, in forests. If the air is dominated by positive ions - molecules vampires who lack an electron, while the air is not even just the dead, and particularly aggressive. Free radicals consume energy in cells and accelerate aging. As you know, after the storm is very easy to breathe - the air is fresh, literally alive. This is the result of a high concentration of negative ions. Ionized oxygen is better absorbed, which means that between all the other things, reducing the risk of cancer. Living the air relieves fatigue, reduces fatigue, helps normalize sleep, improves mental and physical performance.

    Meanwhile, the problem of dead and toxic indoor air can be easily solved. No filters, no. Filters will not remove the problem, because it is passed through a limited percentage of the air. In addition, they, like any electrical appliances, kill negative ions, producing an abundance of positive and holding in their strainers negatively charged ions.
     2 hours after airing a room of 20-25 square meters In this room is not air ions. In different cultures called in other words, energy, prana, chi, ki, God's grace. And the more room furniture, carpets and other utensils, the faster the air ions are deposited and discharged on them.

    Aeroions air does not pass through the mesh filters of air conditioners, so the enclosed air-conditioned offices, so people often be unwell.
     Back in the early 20th century, our Russian scientists proved that the experimental animal, placed in a sealed chamber into which air was supplied without ions, died a few weeks. Is it not the same thing happens in our homes and offices, where there are no mechanisms of life-giving and necessary for human organism ions?
     Precisely after visiting the mountain, seaside resorts, in the air, which contains a large number of ions, the people are fast becoming healthier and younger.

     Lack of energy makes up caffeine modern man - "officially" allowed drug are in tea, coffee, alcohol, and some carbonated beverages.
     Drink herbal teas, such as lemon balm and violet - are they useful to the lungs, kidneys and intestines. Herbal teas increase the power of the person, but it does not contain caffeine.

     In one liter of air average 3-bedroom apartment contains up to 300-500 thousand grains. The composition of the dust is organic and inorganic constituents: inorganic - that, asbestos, automotive smog, which contains salts of heavy metals-lead, silica, etc., crumbling whitewash, wipe and polish sex paint, etc., organic - it's , hair and dander humans and domestic animals, wipes rugs and carpeting, fluff, feathers cushions and domestic animal dander particles, Fraying clothing and furs, etc.

     During the day on airway mucous accumulates up to 6 billion dust. Moreover, if their size is less than 5 microns, the dust deposited in the alveoli and break the process of enriching the blood with oxygen, and, getting into the bloodstream, are carried through the bloodstream to organs and tissues.
     Up to 50% of the features of immune system is spent on neutralization and removal of dust antigens entering the respiratory tract and the bloodstream.
     The 28 gr. dust live up to 42 000 dust (saprophytic) mites, waste products which are the most potent of the currently known allergens.
     The mite can be a constant companion of man throughout his life. The main food for the mites are dead skin cells. In the year a person loses up to two kilograms skin, the bulk of which remains on bed linen.

     Therefore, the main habitat and breeding is a bed, carpets with natural bristles, a place to dust, etc. In a typical bed live an average of 2 million mites, this is the optimal environment for their habitat and breeding.
     The fight against ticks include the following:
    1. Regular wet cleaning and vacuuming.
    2. The use of clothing and bedding of the least dusty fabrics: silk, viscose, etc. The most heavily pylyat cotton.
    3. Ezhenelnaya processing tool such as "BOLFO" (sold in veterinary pharmacies, the price of 10 USD; one bottle lasts for a year) bed, closets, hard to clean dusty places.
    Air conditioners are the habitat for mold, bacteria and viruses. The ideal conditions are created in ventilation and air conditioning - the optimal temperature and humidity contributes to their rapid growth and reproduction. When you switch systems, after a long period of inactivity a huge mass of bacteria, along with dust and air enters the room and can cause mass infection of infectious diseases staff.
    Additional pollutants premises (and sometimes very toxic) materials are the interior and the interior space (furniture, plastic and paint materials and derivatives, etc.) made from low-quality raw materials. According to scientists in an apartment there to 150 types of chemical fumes, evaporation is varnish and paint, glue and particle board furniture, household and anthropotoxins - products of human activity, pets, etc.

     Overexposure to high content of chemicals in the air affects the health and well-being, leads to fatigue and reduced concentration, many of the chemicals (phenol, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, etc.) are powerful carcinogens that cause malignant tumors and tumor .

    As cigarette smoke contains up to 4000 types of chemicals, they are all well absorbed and accumulates in the tissues of clothing, a smoker's hair, etc., then released into the environment apartment, house or office. First of all, suffer the children and nonsmoking relatives or colleagues, they become passive smokers. Harm of secondhand smoke is great, the children of such parents are more likely to get sick, likely to develop allergies and autoimmune diseases, etc.

     Always open the windows in the apartment or in the car. In winter, make the window slightly open, but never cover it all. Covers all the exhaust opening (in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.) by 80% from their summer conditions, and then the room will be much warmer. In this case, you can open the window wider, and the nasty cold on the floor will be much less.

     In winter, the temperature difference inside and outside the premises is much stronger than in summer, so the thrust (velocity of cold air on the floor) during the winter growing. And the most unpleasant that no fresh air enters the lungs, and lay in the floor reaches the exhaust hole and rushes back to the street.

    Due to the overlap of exhaust vents fresh air enters the room and remained there, rising to the level of congestion and, accordingly, the human lung.

tourmaline crystals   quartz crystals
   Strong ability to continuously generate and emit negatively charged ions have some stones and crystals. Champions are transparent crystals of tourmaline and quartz. Tourmaline is not for all people, so be careful before you buy a tourmaline find out if it fits you. Quartz crystals are suitable for everyone.

   The most important thing when choosing a crystal crudity of its tip, because after the polishing of quartz crystal is strongly weakened. The crystals can carry with them to put in the car, office, apartment.

Poludnitsin K.S.


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