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крем вокруг глаз Fluids

    Fluids Laboratory for producing anti-aging cream for the face of two kinds: daily face cream and cream for the eye area.
Creams contain components of two types: one group of constituents of creams are cleaning and disinfecting properties of the skin, and the second - the components that enrich and rejuvenate the skin. The combination of these two properties gives the cream in the end always clean the skin, which has a pink color, clear the pores and on which there are no wrinkles. The area around the eyes becomes an even lighter shade with no wrinkles. The effectiveness of creams begins to manifest itself in 1-2 weeks from the start of the regular use of cream.

Anti-Aging Face Cream Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
Anti Aging Face Cream Fluids Крем вокруг глаз Fluids от морщин с сусальным золотом и янтарём-фото

Price: 35,00 USD
weight: 25gr / 0,83oz

Price: 37,90 USD
weight: 25gr / 0,83oz

    The main component in saturating the skin creams is now milled amber, produced on the coast of Latvia. Amber - the fossil resin, a waste product of coniferous trees Pinus succinieferra, which protected the plant against external and internal infections. Age amber 35-140 million years. Baltic amber ultrafine grinding, containing a range of trace elements, aromatic hydrocarbons, succinic acid and its salts. Crushed Amber is subjected to any chemical or thermal treatments. Amber does not cause allergic reactions, contains no preservatives, dyes, that the fundamental difference is the cosmetic product from a number of similar means of natural cosmetics.

    The choice of amber, as a natural treatment and cosmetic raw materials is not accidental. Being a semi-precious stones, amber still has a vegetable origin, this explains the similarity of its chemical composition with the chemical composition of cells of living organisms. When friction and heat to body temperature Amber Amber milled is the richest source of free electrons that have a therapeutic effect through biologically active points on the human skin. This powerful energetic flow enlivens the skin, enriching it with oxygen, smoothes out wrinkles.
    Crushed Amber is an excellent sorbent viruses, bacteria, toxins, secretions of sebaceous and sweat glands. Microparticles of amber that are part of the cream, massage and cleanse the skin, are refreshing and relieve fatigue.
янтарь для крема
    When heated to a temperature of the human body as Amber begins to give him present in trace elements, in particular - iodine and other trace elements that help to absorb iodine. The rejuvenating effect of creams Fluids in the ground and is to effectively enhance thyroid function. The peculiarity of creams is that the body absorbs only the amount of iodine, which it requires.
    An important role is played by Amber contained sulfur. It is part of some amino acids (methionine, cysteine, taurine and glutathione) and hemoglobin. In addition, sulfur is not possible without the synthesis of collagen, which determines the youth and elasticity of the skin.
залото для крема     Fluids creams contain only natural ingredients.
You may ask how it is with the preservation of creams that time they did not spoil? Ingredients which protect against infection creams are leaf (sheet), gold and sarsaparilla extract of the plant. With these components of the cream is stored at room temperature for 1 year from date of manufacture.
    In the Italian spa «Terme di Saturnia», located in g.Toskana, which in 2011 was recognized as the world's best spa, the most effective anti-aging treatments are creams and masks, also containing amber and gold leaf.
    No wonder our grandmothers wore jewelery with amber, this extraordinary material that comes to us from antiquity by conifers!





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