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    As I wrote on the main page of this site, rejuvenation possible without prior purification of the accumulated foreign deposits. A man makes a mistake, taking only encourage supplements, vitamins. After all, if there are parasites in the body, they took out part of stimulants. And often it turns out that a colony of parasites in the human body is growing faster than before taking stimulants. As a result, a person looks in the mirror, like a better look, but at some point suddenly occurs heart attack or stroke, and more often - blood pressure rises or formed kidney stones.
    To avoid any risk to patients, the laboratory Fluids in principle are not used plants that are immunostimulators. Apply only to those plants useful properties which are immunomodulatory, ie not interfere in the actions of immunity, and help him. Immunity - the top creative nature, he must give all necessary and not drive like a horse.

     The composition of anti-aging products is quite different from cleaning. The main differences from the rate of rejuvenation of the course of purification:
  • Purification plants and bacteria are present in the course of rejuvenation, too, but at about 4-5 times smaller than in the course of treatment.
  • Dosages of saturating plants and bacteria (especially grasses such as Fo-Ti, Tribulus, Triphala, Cat's claw, gingko biloba, etc.) about 2.5-3 times higher than in the course of purification.
  • In the course of rejuvenation preparations contain pure powdered coenzyme Q10 (made in Japan) at high doses (150-200 mg / day). In the course of purification it is not for the reasons indicated above.
  • In the course of rejuvenation, in contrast to the rate treatment, the powder is pure Resveratrol (U.S. production).
  • In the course of rejuvenation is monatomic gold (U.S. production) consumed. In the course of cleaning his number is 3 times smaller.
  • In contrast to the course of purification, in preparations for the rejuvenation of a pure hyaluronic acid powder (made in Japan). Incidentally, the Japanese believe it is the best anti-aging agent.
  • In the course of rejuvenating face cream has a higher content of leaf gold leaf (manufacture Thailand). Though gold and pre-dissolved in oil 2 months, its particles can be seen in the cream.
  • Course rejuvenation treatment is cheaper rate by approximately 10%.
  • Purification is desirable to produce once every 5 years. Anti-aging products can take many years, thus reducing the cost of food is comparable to the amount spent on drugs.

  •     All drugs - multicomponent, each of them - dozens of components. Champion is also the number of drug Breakfast 2. It contains from 85 to 110 ingredients, depending on the health status and patient age. On the slide show below - pictures of some drugs before mixing.

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         Briefly about some of the components.
        In one teaspoon of resveratrol contained a number of nutrients to strengthen the heart, which is 80-90 bottles of red wine. Resveratrol in its beneficial effect in 50 times more effective than vitamin E. The French and the Americans think the best Resveratrol anti-aging agent. A daily dose of resveratrol in the preparations of 0,1-0,12 gr. This amount is contained in 9-10 bottles of red wine.

        Fo-Ti - a plant that slows down during the age of the person until he receives it. I have researched this plant on the chemical composition and found that the Fo-ti in its composition has vegetable analogue of the human hormone melatonin, which is the pineal gland (pineal gland). Melatonin also regulates the body's internal clock. I think that thanks to these properties, Fo-Ti was the main rejuvenating herb in Chinese medicine. Many Chinese believe that the secret of the elixir of youth is in the grass, Pho-ty, which grows only in certain areas of the eastern subtropical jungle. Fo-Ti, and translated from Chinese as "the elixir of longevity."

        Ginkgo Biloba tree is one of the oldest trees on earth. It is home to over 1,000 years and unusually resistant to mold and pests. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract strengthens capillaries, giving skin effect contributes to the development of the capillary network of the organism from the enrichment of flavonoids and terpenoids. Ginkgo biloba increases blood flow to the brain and extremities, increases oxygen and stimulates metabolism. With it improves memory, increases mental activity and performance in general. Unbelievable, but this plant is 1% of the turnover of all drugs in the world. Ginkgo biloba is really very effective and its properties do not have any side effects.

         Coenzyme Q10 also has the name "ubiquinone," which comes from the word "ubihitos," which means "ubiquitous." Q10 is present in every cell of the body, is involved in important chemical reactions of immunity, providing the body with energy. In the mitochondria - the energy plants of cells - Coenzyme Q-10 plays a major role in the synthesis of high-energy compound ATP. Without a sufficient amount of ATP the body can not function. In other words, without Coenzyme Q-10 is virtually no life. First and foremost, there is no feeling of fullness and joy of life.
        The highest concentration of coenzyme Q10 - the tissues of the heart muscle, the most energy intensive parts of the body. Natural level of coenzyme Q in human blood is about 1 mg / ml., And modern methods of analysis of blood can monitor it. I defined a very clear relationship between low-Q10 in the blood (less than 0.4 mg / ml.) Rights and predisposition to heart attack (men) or cancer (in women). The first recommendation of these people are two changes in the diet: increase intake of fresh leafy greens and a decrease in fresh fruit. For more information on nutrition can be found in this article.

    The content of coenzyme Q10 in food

    Foodstuff Amount of product, g The content of coenzyme Q10,mg
    Beef roast 100 3,1
    Herring marinated 100 2,7
    Chicken fried 100 1,6
    Rainbow trout, steam 100 1,1
    Roasted peanuts 100 2,8
    Sesame roast 100 2,5
    Cooked broccoli 100 0,5
    Pistachios are roasted 100 2,1

        In youth, our body produces up to 300 mg of coenzyme Q10 per day. However, with age, this ability is reduced, and the content of coenzyme Q10 in the cells begins to decrease, and this is largely due to physical aging.
        The main problem Q10 is its quality and high price. The Japanese were the first to make it a rare species of algae that grow off the coast of Japan. Americans, Europeans, and some Japanese companies like Kaneka Q10 obtained by biosynthesis from fermented yeast. This is much lower quality Q10, and it is better not to use it.

        Monatomic gold has beneficial effects on the pineal gland, it produces more melatonin, which is what metatonin regulates the level of stem cells. But the gold powder - not a new discovery. The ancient Mesopotamians called it shem-an-on, the Egyptians described it as mfkzt (in hieroglyphs vowels are not used), and only later the chemists call it the Philosopher's Stone. In Greek mythology, secret searches of this substance were at the heart of the Golden Fleece legend, while in the biblical texts is reflected in the mystical story of the golden chest, rescued Moses from Sinai, which later stood in the temple of Jerusalem.
         In my opinion monatomic gold - the most promising substance for the rejuvenation and in the future will truly be an elixir of youth. Just as long as the technology of its production is far from ideal. Fluids Laboratory has been researching the production of an ideal monoatomic gold. As long as the drugs used monatomic gold by American company Ormus.
         You may ask why monatomic gold, the most promising? He has many interesting properties, but one of them does it matter unusual. If you put the individual atoms of gold (or, incidentally, is another element - ruthenium) at the ends of the chains of human DNA, the conductivity of DNA will increase immediately to 10 000 times, ie it becomes a superconductor. For DNA, this means if not immortality, a significant improvement of their properties on the reproduction of human cells.     All the raw materials for products obtained from the suppliers, checked Niton xl3t Thermo analyzer in the presence of undesirable impurities, heavy metals, etc. And I noticed an interesting trend. The larger the plant is known for its rejuvenating properties, the more it contains gold and platinum group metals, light (ruthenium, rhodium and palladium). Niton xl3t Thermo analyzer    During the reception, rejuvenating the course a person's age as it stops, no matter how many years went on reception. This is particularly evident in meetings with other students, aged from each meeting are usually added.
         Sometimes people who take this course for many years, tell me about the issues of their relatives. Namely, yes, you're not getting old and not sick, but you probably already are dependent on these drugs. This question is a logical response.
         You do not buy bread, milk or water, which have, as yet quite certain plant or firm? You just know that these foods are tasty for you and after you are comfortable. After all, when you change even seemingly simple, drinking water, changing the chair. Or, if you drink the milk of another plant, it may suddenly appear rash. And it turns out that you are dependent on the specific water and of a certain food?
         Of course, this dependence on food or drugs is there and a week or two disappear. But ordinary food does not stop and the subsequent rejuvenation of such unpleasant aging. A rejuvenating drugs is given. Yes, and decrease the cost of food on average 30% of our time, when the products become more expensive and all himichnee is an additional factor in favor of purification and rejuvenation.

       Cleansing the body and its subsequent saturation - the best way to maintain health and youth. And it is probably correct to find their own way with the knowledge, intuition and experience.


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