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Fluids Laboratory produces 4 types of hair dyes for women:

1.Light blond

Light blond color

2.The dark blond

Dark-blond dye


Mid-brown color

4.Dark chestnut

Dark chestnut color

   All the paint is completely paint over the previous hair color, and gray hair. Standard quantity is enough for a full touch-up painting and three emerging roots. That's enough to make for 3.5 - 4 months you have had the same uniform color of hair. 3-4 weeks after spraying, when the newly emerged roots, diluted with a small amount of both compounds and applied to the roots. Then 2 more times the procedure is repeated.
The time depends on the paint color of your hair structure and ranges from 15 to 25 minutes.
Application of paint on the hair is a simple process where you simply have to have someone from home has helped you to apply paint to the back of the head, although some quite and mirrors.

  After our hair color is very nice shine, hair color, rich, bright and natural. It seems that the color is his own, naturally.
After the first painting of dandruff disappears (if it was, of course), hair becomes stronger, better start to grow. This happens because the plant is composed of colors that kill the fungus in the roots of the hair. After all, fungi, parasites in the hair follicles, are largely the cause of the weakening of hair, early graying, dandruff, hair loss.
natural raw materials for the production of hair dyes

For men, the laboratory produces a drug for hair coloring in powder form.

   The powder is diluted with water and rubbed into the hair before each washing hair. After 3-5 months hair begins to thicken and darken active. Next stop the hair to turn gray and become darker due to the active development of pigment melatonin. If you stop using the powder for the hair, then after 6-12 months of hair coloring is the same.

Mode of application

  Before you can use paint to do the test: drip a drop of one and the second liquid in the inner folds of the elbows. If the next day at these places will not be reddening, the hair can be dyed.
Apply the paint needed to clean the hair, washed in color or previous day. When washing your hair before painting, do not use hair oil.
Take for two thirds of each liquid, stir them before applying to the hair. Apply the paint to dry hair. After the application of hair as a push. From time to start applying paint to flush -15-25 minutes. The time for each individual is discussed. Look carefully at painting, so that all hair is completely coated with the composition, especially the back and top.
Once the paint wash away with warm water, wash your hair, too, without oil. But from next time hair oils can be used again.
After inking a slight tingling sensation is normal.
The paint appears within 2-3 washes hair. First, color is always darker than a half-tone.
Touch-up roots of the hair is in a similar way, with the only difference being that the mix of 1.5-2 teaspoons of each of the compositions. Ready-made, well-mixed within minutes the mixture is applied only to the hair roots. From time to start applying paint to flush and individually and takes 15 to 25 minutes.

Price of a set of colors for women depends on the length and thickness of hair, and ranges from $ 52 to $ 65. One set is enough to for at least 3,5-4 months of hair all the time (and not just during the three weeks after going to the barber, as is usually the case) the same color and beautiful shine, and without the roots grow back and the gray hair!

The cost of the powder for men's hair $ 130-180 for 4 months.
The price depends on the amount of hair on his head (if they speak more correctly, the bald patches on the size), the age and condition of the kidney and thyroid males, since these bodies largely depends the amount of hair and color.
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