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Advantages of deodorants FLUIDES

  • Deodorants series Fluides protect against perspiration odor for a long time, from 3 to 8 days. Unwanted smell of sweat is completely absent in the intervals between treatments. In 80% of people use the pause between - 4-7 days. Frequency of deodorant usage depends on sex, health status and in particular from the naturalness of clothing. The lower the percentage of synthetics, the more days between treatments. But the period of three days, mene never happens.
  • Absolute security Fluides deodorants for the body due to the absence of aluminum salts, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and similar hazardous substances that have one common property is not good - to form sparingly soluble compounds, contaminating and narrowing the pores of the skin (sweat glands), contributing to the emergence of infections and reduced immunity.
  • Each application of deodorant Fluides cleans the skin pores, which is very important because also in soaps and shampoos, a substance laureth sulfate, which narrows and clogs the pores.
  • Day and night, and always from you will smell only fresh body.
  • The action of deodorants is just over 1 hour after application. That is, If you took an hour shower, all the same in the next 3-8 days the smell of sweat will not be! There is no film covering the skin, harmful clogging the pores.
  • Completely absent addictive. Moreover, after six months of the intervals between treatments increases - women are 4-10 days, men - 4-8 days.
  • Deodorants can also be used to quickly protect your feet from fungus infection after the public baths and swimming pools, as tool has a strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • The minimum alcohol content of -5.5%, as a young wine. For instance, in perfumes and colognes alcohol concentration - 60-90%.
  • Specifically, we use a bottle with a spray, because the mechanism Roll-On involves mixing bowl with the liquid particles of skin, hair, and infections. Due to the amount of preservative spray is negligible, but at the same deodorant for a long time retain their identity and strength.
  • Decreased sweating and make it natural.
  • Do not leave any marks on clothing.
  • It has a light pleasant scent.
    As a result, long-term use (more than six months), deodorants Fluides:

  • Significantly increases the overall immunity of the person, and in particular the body's ability to self-cleaning.
  • The lack of body odor is beneficial to private life, as acute sense of smell, and feel better than pheromones of the body.
  • Clean long axillary positive effect on the female breast, as well as heart and liver, as the axillary lymph nodes associated with these bodies.
  • Over time, the period between treatments is lengthened, and after six months validity for women is 4 - 10 days, and for men 4 - 7 days.

Mode of application 

     The treatment can be performed at any time of day, preferably in the evening.
Deodorant is applied to those places, which may have an undesirable smell of sweat:
underarms, legs, etc.
    After showering, apply a liquid to a clean, dry skin, pressing on the edges. Usually one, such as the armpit enough 2-3 clicks. Spread the hand tool in the 2-3 cm beyond the treated body part. Thus, the pores will be cleaned, not only in places with the smell of sweat, but also the adjacent area.
Try to keep the liquid from getting into the eyes. If in eyes, immediately rinse them with water.
    After the first treatment may tingling or slight burning sensation for 1-3 minutes.
If the treated area is an inflammatory process, it can not handle it.
In the days that you wash as usual. It does not use any other deodorant or antiperspirants.
    Unwanted smell of sweat is completely absent in the intervals between treatments.

    Leaves no residue on clothes. It has a light pleasant scent.
    Gives a permanent freshness of his own body.

Be careful 

     To avoid irritation never apply deodorant for 24 hours after shaving underarm.

Places application 

    The tool can be used to treat underarm, legs, hands, as well as shoes.
    Can be used for sterilization of hands and objects, for the prevention of fungal infections after visiting the feet of public saunas, swimming pools, etc.


     Deodorant contains extracts of these plants:  sarsaparilla plant, cat's claw, tea tree, sage, chamomile, wormwood etc., as well as a colloidal solution of silver, formic acid; alcohol content of   5,5%.

Storage conditions 

    At room temperature for 3 years from date of manufacture.

The volume 

    of 47ml bottles.
One bottle when processing the underarm area is enough for 6 -8 months.

Forms Of Production 

FLUIDES Classic  

for women, men and adolescents


a more powerful formula for people leading a very active lifestyle

FLUIDES Foot & Shoes

protects the shoes from his feet and the smell of sweat, allowing you to feel comfortable in any situation
deodorant without aluminum long-lasting Fluides-Classic deodorant without aluminum long-lasting Fluides-Sport deodorant without aluminum long-lasting действия Fluides Foot
3-8 day odor free 4-10 day odor free 7-14 day odor free
Price  21,00 USD Price   22,5 USD Price  23,00 USD

Deodorant FLUIDES Delicate

Designed for people with poor health, having a skin disease, increased allergenicity.
Made by a special formula without alcohol.
Protects from the smell of sweat for 3-7 days.

Price 24,20 USD

    Deodorants Fluides protected from an original holographic stickers, completely sealing the package.

    Contraindications have been identified.

Feel the freshness of body yourself forever!

* * *

For note

     When using aluminum-containing deodorants-perspirant people at risk, and more women. Underarm skin, especially after shaving, absorbs aluminum - the main active ingredient of antiperspirants. Once in the body, the substance mimics the action of the sex hormone estrogen, contributing to this malignant degeneration of cells of the breast.
    In the tissues of cancer patients who underwent breast amputation, revealed huge doses of aluminum.
    Also, an aluminum salt making slags liver, because of what this body is worse filters and purifies the blood. This increases the risk of deposition of clots in blood vessels of various organs, especially the heart.

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