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     Improve the shape of female breasts, as well as its increase can be achieved through three activities that must be done simultaneously.
     1. Purification of kidney from any, even small inclusions (sand, stones). Sand in the kidneys strongly affects the quality of the blood, it thickens and gets worse in the most delicate vessels - capillaries. And the thicker the blood on the side of the body on which the kidney with calculus (plural calculi). Women's ovaries also completely littered with capillaries, and therefore the production of female hormones inevitably reduced. Medical fact is that the female breast is directly related to the ovaries, and the left breast - with the left ovary, right - with the right.

    2. Saturation of the ovary and brain trace elements necessary for the production of female hormones. Help solve this problem three plants:
  • Kudzu (Pueraria) - is the best herb for maintaining healthy female breast, as well as its increase.
  • Shatavari - is native to India and is literally translated - "which has one hundred husbands." In Indian Ayurveda is the best plant, rejuvenating female reproductive organs.
  • Fo-Ti - a plant that slows down during the age of the person until he receives it. I have researched this plant on the chemical composition and found that the Fo-Ti in its composition has vegetable analogue of the human hormone melatonin, which is the pineal gland (pineal gland). Melatonin also regulates the body's internal clock.
    During the reception, the cleaning program woman of the course, as well as the subsequent rejuvenation of the course, all these components it is necessary to get into her body quantities. For example, if a woman is healthy and almost wished only to correct and enlarge their breasts, it is sufficient to receive a drug that contains Kudzu, Shatavari and Fo-Ti. Better to take it at least a year in a row.
    Breast enlargement and improvement of its form begins after 2-3 months. Also, there is increased a woman's libido, improves skin condition. The cost of this drug varies from $ 37 to $ 45 per month.


Briefly about the anatomy of the female breast and the properties of its individual tissues

    The main component of the female breast is a gland breast.
    It includes a connector, glandular and fatty tissue. These tissues are penetrated by blood vessels, milk ducts and sensitive nerve endings. Shape of the soft tissues are supported by special thin cords, called ligaments Cooper. Cooper's ligament is not too hard, serve as vital breast, but this property is just a soft and progressive causes weakening and sagging of the breast. Bundles start at the chest muscles, and subcutaneous sites are connected to the upper part of the breast.
    As part of the breast from 14 to 22 lobes, which are addressed to the tip of the nipple. They are separated by layers of connective tissue.

     Connective tissue forms a special cords as a grid and are attached to the clavicle. Of the clavicle grid gradually expanded along the entire length, forming a capsule, which concludes in a mammary gland. In the end shape of the breast depends precisely on the strength of the capsule.
     Women during the menstrual cycle often feel changes in their own breasts, they are somewhat changing their structure, which depends on the time and phase of the cycle. The closer the ovulation cycle, the stronger an increase in blood supply to the body, which leads to an increase in volume and density of mammary glands. The glandular tissue begins to grow strongly at the approach of ovulation, and if the conception took place, formed the structure falls apart.
     The process is repeated throughout a woman's life. The size and weight of the breast depends on the kind of tissue more prevalent in breast adipose tissue or breast cancer. If a lot of adipose tissue, breast bigger, but it is not hard. And in losing weight by burning fat is proportional to the whole body, such chest quickly reduced adequately the total change in body weight.

     From the foregoing it can be understood that the shape and beauty of the breast affected by the size of the breast, adipose tissue, the size and development of the pectoral muscle, the content of hormones in the blood. Heavy-duty workout will help increase breast size, but they can affect its shape, size and smartness. It does this by strengthening the ligaments that support the breast capsule. Major role in regulating the size of the breast is given all the same breast, as it has a much denser structure than fatty tissue. By the way, with active exercises and fat burning, chest may decrease, but increase its elasticity. On the elasticity and the size of the prostate have the hormones estrogen and testosterone. If the level of the male hormone testosterone in women is exceeded, then it helps to reduce the breast. The disadvantage of the female hormone estrogen causes breast reduction, increased as estrogen promotes the growth of mammary glands.

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