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Here are their pros and cons of vaccinations.

1. Never made an official attempt to compare the vaccinated populations with unvaccinated people to see what effect the vaccine for children and adults. Independent private research (Dutch and German) found that vaccinated children suffer much more than their unvaccinated peers. Is found that vaccinated children are prone to dermatitis, allergies, asthma, common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as hyperactivity in early childhood and the syndrome of fatigue is already in high school, etc.

2. Usually a person receives not one, but a lot of shots. There are no tests to determine the effect of combination vaccines for the human body. A multi-component vaccine similar to the minefield.

3. Children who are up to six months and older is recommended exclusively breast milk for the reason that their fragile bodies can not take other foods are introduced more than 7 shots, including boosters, powerful vaccine toxins, which contradicts any logic and science.

4. Vaccines contain heavy metals, carcinogens, pesticides, genetically modified live virus and, serum containing animal viruses and foreign genetic material, extremely toxic decontaminant. Also, auxiliary chemicals, antibiotics.

5. Mercury, aluminum and live viruses in vaccines may have caused a pandemic of autism (1 in 100 people around the world - according to doctors in the United States, 1 to 37 - according to other studies). This fact (that vaccines cause autism) has been adjudged by the U.S. vaccination claims. The epidemic of autism have been limited to countries where vaccination is carried out.

6. Mercury in the form in which it is used in vaccines (ethyl) is the second most toxic substance after uranium - the radioactive substance. This is an industrial toxin, and it is 1,000 times more toxic than methylmercury standard. Mercury accumulates in the fat. In the brain, which consists mainly of fat cells accumulate much mercury as a source of future nervous and mental diseases. Most damaged spinal cord, and perhaps it is the root of the human spine disease in later life. Aluminum present in vaccines makes the mercury in any form is 100 times more toxic. If we consider the limit of the WHO mercury vaccinated children get 50,000 times more mercury limit, which is part of the vaccine enters the endocrine system and cause infertility in both men and women.

7. According to the research of Dr. Andrew Wakefield of the American, the gastrointestinal tract of children was sharply weaker after a vaccine MMR (MMR - from mumps, measles and rubella) began to introduce a live strain of measles virus. MMR has an adverse effect on the protective properties of the vital mucous membranes.

8. More and more studies come to the conclusion that the vaccine caused the cancer epidemic in modern society. As vaccination against smallpox and Oral Polio Vaccine made from monkey serum.
This serum has helped to get into human blood for many carcinogenic monkey virus, which so far found 60 (SV1 - SV60).

9. The same data and the emergence of HIV. It is the use of vaccines, sera green monkeys led to the transfer of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) from monkeys to humans. SIV (SIV) and HIV (HIV), which causes AIDS, are very similar.

10. Not only AIDS but also cancer of the blood in children (acute lymphoblastic leukemia), which affects thousands of children, also largely due to the extremely toxic nature of the ingredients of vaccines administered directly into the blood of children.

11. It is also scientifically proven link jaundice (hepatitis A), and diabetes in infancy with the toxic components of vaccines.

12. Vaccination against hepatitis B, has recently been applied, generally not intended for children. This is a vaccination against the disease, a sexually transmitted disease, which is intended only for adults with reckless sexual relations.

13. Vaccines are also used to provide control over the population in developing countries. And of course this is done without warning people about it. In many Asian and African countries has been used party tetanus serum to the female half of the population was unable to bear children. This was done by introducing a hormone stimulating antibodies aborts the fetus during its formation. After vaccination, the woman until the end of life can no longer give birth.
Overpopulation of the Earth of course relevant, but such issues are best addressed after all humane ways, and not as draconian.

14. From an interview with a former employee of the laboratory, a manufacturer of vaccines:

"I will give you examples of what I found and found that my colleagues. But this is only part of it. In the measles vaccine" Rimaveks "We found various chicken viruses. In the polio vaccine, we found acanthameba, which is called" amoeba that eats brain. "Monkey cytomegalovirus in the same polio vaccine. Frothy monkey virus in rotavirus vaccine. avian cancer vaccine MMR. Various microorganisms in the anthrax vaccine. I've found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Viruses ducks, dogs, rabbits, the vaccine against rubella. pestivirus in the MMR vaccine . "

All this is possible because the vaccine is used in blood and organs of various animals, as based vaccines are not only the blood serum of chimpanzees and other apes, but also cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens and horses.

15. Siberian scientists have found that the smallpox virus, which is due to vaccination in the lives of almost every man, is the largest, and in contact with the smaller viruses are exchanged nitrogenous bases, changing the DNA. It is with this process, scientists associated with the appearance of more and more strains of influenza, hepatitis, AIDS.

16. As early as 1972 in the journal "Health of Kazakhstan," Professor Amandzholova reported that guinea pig inoculations were made, and after the 5 th generation population degraded and guinea pigs died. In the former Soviet Union (yes, actually, and in other European countries), mass vaccination of the population were made in 1919, ie 4 generations have passed.
People - not rabbits of course, but the fact is alarming, because they both are - mammals.

Louis Pasteur in the early twentieth century began to make a mass vaccination in Africa, affecting the immune system of local residents before the people of other continents. Accordingly, in Africa vaccinated more than one generation, so perhaps there is a much larger percentage of ill HIV and other viral diseases.

17. The best and the only vaccine administered to the child is mother's milk.

18. You may ask what is the benefit of vaccination?
At least I can not cite a single argument in favor of vaccination.

Poludnitsin K.

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