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     The main causes of wrinkles few, and compete successfully with their appearance, we can only overcome all of these reasons at the same time.

     1. The first - a banal, health, and as a consequence of the deterioration of the elasticity and firmness. On this reason, they know everything. But ask yourself: why some apparently healthy person less has less wrinkles than the other, it would seem more healthy?

     2. The answer to this question, I think, is the second cause of wrinkles - incorrectly matched pillow.
Rather, the correct position of the head at a time when a person sleeps.
Many people sleep by placing a pillow under his head very high. In this position during sleep head rests his chin on his chest. Therefore, the wrinkles on the neck appear much earlier than other wrinkles. Even in his childhood.

    Sleep on your side or stomach is a line of sleep, which in turn result in wrinkles because when you pressed his face into the pillow, the skin is compressed into the fold.

     A person is always more wrinkles on the side of the face,
neck and neck,  which he likes to sleep.

     If you discipline yourself to sleep on his back, then you will have fewer wrinkles. Get used to it can be put on both sides along the body pillow. Also to reduce the pressure pads on your face, you can use silk or satin pillowcase.
     Previously, all the wrinkles in people who love sleep on their stomachs, because during sleep, facial skin is constantly exposed to such people pressure pad. 
     As a result the skin longer is able to move and folds, which is why over time, and wrinkles.
     In other words: Pillow - Wrinkles friend.

     But to sleep without a pillow uncomfortable, what can we do better and to sleep?
In my opinion, the best pillow is a cushion made of terry towels.
It is better to use a towel that has in its composition or Cotton + Modal Cotton + Bamboo. This gives a soft cloth after washing.

pillow      The advantages of this pillow:

  • laundry bags every week, in contrast to the usual, which for years absorb the sweat;
  • No ticks, which are teeming with feather and down pillows (he had seen under the microscope-deystivitelno swarm!), the harm which I am writing here;
  • convenient location at the head, this towel is not inferior feather pillows;
  • good hair breathe, unlike synthetic pillows, when using a hair that slowly but surely weaken;
  • cervical spine does not buckle, as when using a large pillow, and at night time to relax your spine and straighten up.
  •     3. Also on the increase of wrinkles is very strongly influenced by the decrease in bone age of the lower jaw, as this leads to sagging of the adjacent soft tissues. Outwardly, it appears that in the lower face, the same area of skin over time, enveloping the diminishing area of the mandible. Because of this reduced skin tone cheeks, chin and neck, resulting in the characteristic shape of a person becoming an aging look. You may ask, what are those special foods and why is it suddenly people stopped eating them?

        4. Another major cause of wrinkles, especially around the eyes, is the displacement of bone lining the sinuses.
    Close your eyes and look in turn at points far and near. Even if you do not wear glasses, it is possible that one eye you will see a little vague. This will be a measure of the displacement of the eyeball due to an internal pressure on him dried mucus in the sinuses located. Because of this, people involuntarily strained muscles located around the eyes, to bring the eyeball in place. And it's a constant tension of the muscles is the main cause of wrinkles around the eyes.
    The Japanese, in this case must wear glasses, even if the number of diopters is equal to zero.

         I also advise to go to the optometrist and make an analysis of the so-called cylinders, in other words- for astigmatism. You are currently sdelete glasses, through which during the year wrinkles around the eyes will certainly become smaller or disappear altogether.
    Incidentally, the Japanese believe that a person is decorated glasses especially women. And, indeed, different glasses make a person's face in different ways attractive.
         Periodically monitor your vision in the above manner, namely, alternately close your eyes and look at the point of near and far - in both eyes rezkozt be the same.

         In no case do not apply under the eye creams that you use for your entire face. The texture of the skin under the eyes is very different from the rest of the face. It is much thinner, and these creams can only do harm to her, being too heavy. And the use of inappropriate tools often has the opposite effect: the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.
         I know of only one natural substance, applying to the skin around the eyes can reduce wrinkles in this area - is lanolin, wool wax, obtained by digestion of sheep's wool. All other materials and creams over time produce the opposite effect: the wrinkles around the eyes are becoming harder and harder to fight.

         I'm not talking about the chemical and hormonal creams that are better not to use, since the beginning of their action is good, but after a few months, this cream is necessary to change or enhance something. Better yet, a cream or lanolin applied to the oval pit located under each eye and the skin around the eye itself will absorb as much as she needed to moisten.
         Experienced women, having tried various creams, eventually coming to the conclusion that the best moisturizer for the skin - water. Several times a day, rinse your face with cool water, without drying after that, and you will see how quickly the skin absorbs water and becomes more elastic and pink.

         5. The main culprit in the formation of large wrinkles in my opinion is abuse of carbohydrates, sugars. Form of sugar in the body are harmful to skin connection. As a result of such compounds are destroyed by elastin and collagen - two elements that prevent skin aging.

         Japanese, Chinese, Thai and other continental nations of Asia in recent decades, fewer and fewer eating rice (rice with these people for us - bread and potatoes. In the past, in past centuries, bread and rice were the main diet of most people). Food markets of these countries - is an abundance of protein products: seafood, fish, meat, offal, various bugs, spiders, and other "delicacies" as well as lots of green leafy vegetables and spices.

         Food markets as the former Soviet Union, European and other Western countries - is primarily an abundance of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish are small pavilions, and few spices and herbs.
         The person in the bulk of Asians do not have wrinkles up to 50 years. Asians are active all day until the evening, their efficiency is much higher than people of the Western type.
    Also a huge difference in the diet of Asians is that due to consumption of large amounts of spices, they always make the prevention of parasites, primarily of the worms. The Western people that prevention if they do, very rarely, and with the help of pharmaceutical drugs.

         6.  Sunscreen strongly alter hormonal balance of the skin. In no case, do not use sunblock cream.

         They all contain para-aminobenzoic acid, a substance which occurs in a few years getting used to, and the skin is gradually stops producing normal amounts of melanin, a substance that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Changing the skin's immunity and it becomes drier and more wrinkled, respectively.

        Americans before others began to use them, and the number of cases of skin cancer in the United States far more than in others. American women do not go outside on a sunny day, not anoint sunscreen. And this addiction they are suffering for their children by transferring production of its own reduction of melanin on the genetic level.
        To protect against excessive sunlight advice simple and long familiar. In the summer of tanning in the sun until 10:30 a.m. and after 16:00 p.m. In the winter, spring and fall can not be afraid of the sun and under him as much as possible, because modern humans dominated by an apparent lack of receiving sunlight, which is required for the production of anti-aging skin vitamin D3. And of course, do not replace natural Solna hikes in the solarium. It is harmful because of improper tanning lamp spectrum, which emit excessive ultraviolet radiation.

         Well, if it is absolutely seriously and just talk about the causes of wrinkles, I would briefly say this:  every wrinkle - is pushed dream.

         This course is philosophy, but I'm sure that when you understand the essence of the processes (search for the essence of things and deals with the philosophy of science), then everything in life becomes much easier and simpler.

    Poludnitsin K.S.


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