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  For readability, the diagnoses are written with a minimal amount of medical terms.
In the description of diagnostics are those entities in which the painful process of actively progressing and went beyond the age-related changes that are considered normal for a man of that age.
For example, sand in the kidneys in 30 years - is a disease, but in 50 years - the norm. Also in the assessment of deliberately made no mention of cosmetic surgery, because is a personal matter.

With regards to idols and politicians it is not wrong to know about their well being so as they determine our with you future.

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Health diagnostics
Dmitriy Medvedev

1. Consequence of the curvature of the 2nd and 5th cervical vertebrae in the past two years has become increasingly migraine (right side headache). The displacement of the 5th vertebra probably happened during the exercise periods.

2. Not imperforate oval fossa atrial septal. Because of this, sometimes atrial fibrillation and liquid retention by the kidneys. It also brings difficulty passing headache.

3. As a consequence of point 2 is formed mucus, which is almost always present in the right maxillary and ethmoid sinuses. As well as increased soft palate so that vibrate when is snore.

4. Arthrosis of the left knee, manifests itself only occasionally. 5. Sometimes weakness in his right hand (elbow and shoulder a little bit) as a consequence of a sprain about 25-26 years ago.

6. Sand in the right lobe of the prostate gland.

7. Offset in deep drive between 3 and 4 lumbar vertebrae.


The diagnostics performed
the X-Ray Man Poludnitsin K.
September 2011

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