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  Forreadability,the diagnosesare writtenwith a minimal amountof medical terms.
In the description ofdiagnosticsarethose entitiesin whichthe painful process ofactivelyprogressingandwent beyond theage-related changesthat are considerednormal for amanof that age.
For example,sand in the kidneysin30 years- is a disease, but in50 years- the norm. Alsoin the assessment ofdeliberatelymadeno mention ofcosmetic surgery, becauseis a personal matter.

With regards to idols and politicians it is not wrong to know about their well being so as they determine our with you future.

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Health diagnostics

1. From early childhood, frequent spasms of the bile ducts.

2. Ulcer bulbs 12 duodenal ulcer, which manifests itself as regular 3-4 times a year and is a consequence of paragraph 1, as well as temperament (mood swings), which has changed for the better with the birth of daughter.

3. Obstruction of the right tube and polycystic right ovary was relevant to the girlhood of 36 - 37 years. Then there was surgery (laparoscopy).

4. Chronic hepatitis B. Because of this, aggravated by venous outflow of blood from the veins, especially veins of the arms and head.

5. Frequent headaches because of paragraph 4.

6. By paragraph 1 and paragraph 4 enlarged liver, it pressing on the right lung. As a consequence of interruptions in breathing, bronchospasm in asthmatic component. Lungs and bronchi clean, in fact there is no asthma .

7. Displaced disc between 4 and 5 cervical vertebrae. It was also offset between 5 and 6 infants and 12 infants and 1 lumbar, but with exercise wheels regularly return to their normal position.

8. The weakness of the knees joints (especially the left) - a very characteristic symptom in women who have achieved great success in life.


The diagnostics performed
the X-Ray Man Poludnitsin K.
September 2011

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