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  For readability, the diagnoses are written with a minimal amount of medical terms.
In the description of diagnostics are those entities in which the painful process of actively progressing and went beyond the age-related changes that are considered normal for a man of that age.
For example, sand in the kidneys in 30 years - is a disease, but in 50 years - the norm. Also in the assessment of deliberately made no mention of cosmetic surgery, because is a personal matter.

With regards to idols and politicians it is not wrong to know about their well being so as they determine our with you future.

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Health diagnostics
Nicolas Sarkozy

1. There was micro infarct the left ventricle of heart.

2. Giardiasis gall bladder and liver.

3. Coarse sand in the gallbladder.

4. In view of the scar in the middle calyx of right kidney, formed after the kidney stone (about 12-14 years ago), the flow of urine fromthe lower third of the kidney is difficult. For this reason, the right kidney is low (ptosis).

5. As a consequence of point 4 sometimes (for enhanced protein diet) increases the level of urea in the blood.

6. Point 5 is a consequence of uremic encephalopathy periodically, which manifests itself in a twitch muscles of the neck and extremities.

7. Recently, there is almost no ulcer pylorus, which was previously once in 2-3 months.

8. Displaced intervertebral discs: between 3 and 4 cervical vertebrae to the right and between 3 and 4 lumbar depth.


The diagnostics performed
the X-Ray Man Poludnitsin K.
September 2011

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